Is crypto sports betting profitable in 2023?

Is crypto sports betting profitable in 2023?

Crypto sports betting has seen a lot of changes when it comes to its acceptance and participation. People were earlier hesitant to indulge in online sports betting, let alone talk about crypto sports betting.

Offers brought by crypto sports betting platforms have played a major role to ensure that the sites gain with time. These include bonuses and faster transaction speed.

Working Of Crypto Sports Betting

Crypto sports betting platforms share the principles with traditional operators with the difference that they accept cryptocurrencies while traditional operators continue to function on fiat currencies. Online platforms have generated decent profits through their approach.

Crypto sports betting works on the idea that participants deposit their funds in the form of cryptocurrency only. New users can acquire digital currency through a crypto exchange platform.

Once done, head over to the best legitimate platform and create an account by filling in all the required details. Navigate to the cashier’s section to find the wallet address where funds have to be deposited.

Return to the wallet id, enter the address, and deposit the fund. Check with the platform if it accepts the cryptocurrency that you wish to deposit.

Functions Of Crypto Sports Betting

Select a sport that you understand the most. Review the odds and place your bets accordingly. Bets once placed cannot be altered on the platform. In order to withdraw the winnings, your predicted outcome must match the actual outcome.

Many best crypto sports betting sites often require players to have a basic amount of winning before they can withdraw their funds. Go through such rules before placing the bet or even registering on the platform. Ignoring to read these rules can cause loss while withdrawing your winnings. Transactions are executed instantly provided everything meets the rules.

Advantages Of Crypto Sports Betting

1. Fast Transactions

Platforms execute transactions faster than traditional operators. Blockchain takes a couple of minutes to validate the transaction; however, it may take time if the network is heavily jammed at that moment.

2. Public Ledger

The data of a user is securely stored in the public ledger. It is important to note that the data becomes irreversible and immutable after it is registered by the network.

3. Higher Wagers

There is no limit to how much funds can be deposited. This increases the amount that can be won during the games. While traditional operators set a limit at the time of announcing the odds, no such thing is done by crypto sports betting platforms.

4. Global Accessibility

Cryptocurrencies have no geographical restrictions. One does not have to convert his or her currency into another currency. Bitcoin acquired from a person in Europe would hold a true status while dealing with a person who resides in Asia. Additionally, participants can access sportsbooks from any part of the world.

5. No Middleman

Traditional operators are seeing participants head over to crypto sports betting platforms because of the benefits that they provide. Let us review the benefits of crypto sports betting in brief.

These advantages of crypto sports betting have made it profitable. Betting sites are hopeful of generating higher profits in the time to come.

Disadvantages Of Crypto Sports Betting

There is another side to the story which is filled with the disadvantages of crypto sports betting.

1. Acceptance

Cryptocurrencies are still not accepted in many countries. Major governments and authorities are yet to regulate digital currencies.

2. Liquidity

Cryptocurrencies lack liquidity. Digital assets cannot be immediately converted to fiat currency.

3. Id Tracking

Since blockchain technology promotes anonymity, it makes it difficult to track the fraudulent participant who may have cheated innocent users.

4. Lower User Base

People in large numbers are yet to get their hands on a cryptocurrency. This is mostly because of high volatility and the absence of legal status.

5. Still In Infant Stage

The crypto sports betting industry has not scaled to its peak. People are, therefore, dubious about getting involved with a platform.

Disadvantages are rarely causing a hindrance as platforms continue to generate profits from their operations.

Why Do Sports Bet With Crypto?

Crypto holders and believers continue to bet with digital assets as they are backed by blockchain security. They are not governed by any jurisdiction, eliminating the deduction of any tax that may have otherwise applied. Smart contracts and oracle solutions are the two sophisticated technologies that continue to take crypto sports betting to a new height.


Betting, in any form, carries standard risk. Look for regulations applicable and certificates offered to the crypto sports betting platform before registering on it with your details.

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