How Will Atlantic City Casino Business Recover Post Covid-19 Impact?

Will Atlantic City Casino recover from Covid-19 Impact

Atlantic City Casino Business Hit by Covid-19

All bets were off in the glitzy world of gambling, with the casino business taking a huge hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the casinos, including Atlantic City Casino, were forced to close while the casino employees were either handed a pink sleep or rendered an unpaid furlough. 

As the gambling industry is a coalesce of travel, hospitality, and large gatherings tending to socialize, it was one of the majorly hit sectors due to the coronavirus impact or the COVID-19 pandemic. While gamers are keen on returning to the casino landscape, the impending threat may call for a prolonged period of social distancing. 

An Overview of Atlantic City Casino

The seaside city nestled in the southeast corner of New Jersey; the Atlantic City is also the home of well-known casinos. 

For instance, the Bally’s Atlantic City, Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, Caesars Atlantic City, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Ocean Resort Casino, Tropicana Casino & Resort, to name a few are some of the ever-popular casinos found here. 

Typically, the casinos of Atlantic City are open 24-hours while, as per the city’s legal norms, the minimum age to enter and gamble in these casinos is 21. 

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the casinos were forced to shut. Also, most of the casinos had to lay off 90% of their employees while the others had to impose an unpaid furlough. 

How Coronavirus affected the Atlantic City Casino Business?

Coronavirus has not only affected casino business in the Atlantic city but also the other casino hot spots like Vegas and Nevada. The latter is, in fact, the hub of gambling regulations and laws. Needless to say, the Atlantis Casino Resort and Spa based in Nevada is set to remain closed until 1st June 2020. 

While it is speculated that most of the casino-based cities like Atlantic, Vegas, to name a few are soon to follow the same course of action, the casino industry will have to face a lengthy recovery period to make up the losses. 

What will a visit to Atlantic City casinos be like after reopening?

The uproar of the COVID-19 disease has made social distancing a crucial necessity. That being said, even after the upliftment of the global lockdown phase, people will be apprehensive to gather and blend in the Atlantic casino landscape. Nevertheless, it will indeed be a very long time for the casino enthusiasts to brave a gathering to indulge in some live casino action. 

Assuming the global lockdown is soon reaching its epilogue, most of the casinos will certainly have a grand opening. While the coronavirus threat still hangs upon us, a visit to any of the Atlantic City casinos will certainly be on top of the list kindled by the holiday bug that was suppressed during the lockdown. 


The reopening of some of the popular casinos will certainly be met with a mixed response. While social distancing is still vital, players looking for some live casino action will make the most of this opportunity. At the end of the day, people will certainly look to unleash their pent-up need to socialize. 

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