Judge Says Nyra Should Pay Baffert’s Trial Costs

Judge Says Nyra Should Pay Baffert’s Trial Costs

This week’s happenings in the court struggle involving trainer Bob Baffert and the Nyc Racing Association have really been exciting. According to the recent updates, federal judge Bagley Anon of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York has decided that NYRA must reimburse the cost and lawyers fees for Mr. Baffert’s appeal of his suspension from the organization. The association banned Mr. Baffert last May when it was discovered that a report of one of his horses, Medina Spirit, had come back positive for the restricted anti-inflammatory drug betamethasone after winning the Kentucky Derby. The handler, though, denied that the horse had been given the betamethasone and intended to fight the suspension.

Judge Bagley Anon of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York has already determined that the trainer must reimburse the association roughly US$110,000 in lawyer fees and expenses connected to his argument. The judge clarified in the order that multiple precedents established Mr. Baffert is eligible for lawyers’ fees and expenses.

She decided to write that guidelines applied to the trainer’s particular instance, in which she ruled that the association infringed Mr. Baffert’s rightful share by granting him the temporary restraining order in July. Following the approval of the temporary order, NYRA established internal hearing rules and lodged a lawsuit against the instructor. The hearing is scheduled for January 24th, 2022.

The trainer sought US$160,000 in reimbursement for lawyers’ fees and expenditures incurred as a result of his lawsuit.

However, Ms. Bagley’s decision is also dependent on the association’s assertions that the sought charges were centered on exorbitant fees, therefore ruling the US$110,000. Mr. Baffert was given a temporary restraining order in July, allowing him to enter horses in the Saratoga Race Course meeting.

NYRA member Patrick McKenna made a notice soon after the judge’s decision. In it, he stated that the organization is committed to preserving the integrity of Thoroughbred racing in the state and guaranteeing that it will be handled securely. As a result, the organization will hold an impartial inquiry on January 24th to assess if the instructor behaved in a manner that jeopardized the sport as well as its horses.

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